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Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Have you tried every diet and keeping gaining the weight back? We help you lose weight and keep it off!


Feels like you have tried every gym or program but haven’t stuck to it. We provide the answer to that by keeping you on track.

Scared of Injury

Feel strong and able-bodied like you once did and do it without compromising your life getting hurt.


Belong to a gym where everyone knows your name.


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Big Thumbs Up

“Very happy to give a big thumbs up for Rebel! I was coming off knee surgery and a gain of 20+ lbs .I was previously very active and in shape but lost the drive to work out. Sean worked with me to identify some issues with my movements. This helped with the pain I was feeling with certain exercises. He developed a plan that met my unique needs. I have had great gains as a result and I am now able to motivate myself and continue forward with success similar to those prior to my surgery.”

~ Charles

It is worth it!

“At first, I was nervous about contacting Sean, but he is so down-to-earth and easy to talk to about fitness, nutrition and health. It is different than any gym I’ve ever been to. I am stronger and surprised at what I can do physically. It’s not easy, but it IS worth it. “

~ Amy

Welcoming Community

“I was always an athlete, but RebelFit has helped me take my fitness a new level. I’m normally not outgoing, but the community is so welcoming that I always feel comfortable when I walk in the door. It’s so nice to be greeted by name when you walk in, I never feel like I’m just a number. I improved my fitness at RebelFit but I’ve made some great friends in the process. I would recommend this gym to anyone. Improving your health and fitness is never easy, but it’s always worth it!

~ Kerry